• Surfboard Wall Decor & Furniture

    Bring an authentic look and feel to your Living Room, Den, Office, Restaurant, Hotel, Resort or Lobby using Wooden Surfboard Bar Tables, Coffee Tables, Dining Room Tables, Overhead Lighting or use your imagination!

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  • Surfboard Coffee Table

    Customize your very own Wooden Surfboard Furniture, Bar-Tables, Coffee-Tables, Benches and Dinning Room Tables

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  • Fins

    Museum quality woods "all Heart and Tight Grain" absolutely no knots or voids, 15 step hand painted process, clear oil base polyurethane with U.V. Protection

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Wooden Surfboard Decor Gallery

Looking For A Beautiful Handmade Wooden Surfboard?

Bring an authentic look an feel to your:

• Living Room, Den, Office
• Restaurant, Hotel, Resort Lobby
• Theme Room
• Bar Table
• Coffee Table


These Hand-Made Boards Are Fine Works Of Art. Used For Wall-Mounts, Bar-Tables, And Coffee-Tables. If you are looking for a board to go surfing you may want to visit your local surf shop.

Each surfboard is hand crafted, numbered, and signed on the back by the artist Erik Hurst, a well known innovative craftsman from Malibu. His craft has been recognized by local malibu art collectors as well as southern California Interior Designers.

1950's classic style longboard replicas

 Eco-Friendly Northern California Old Growth Clear "all heart" has no knots or voids this Redwood has fantastic patina & presentation with gorgeous natural gold flake,this is beautiful Redwood and is a extinct species, this Redwood is simply not commercially available. I found a limited supply of this Eco-Friendly rare Old Growth Redwood that was inside a1940's home in Montecito, Santa Barbara, California. 

Choose any style from beautiful African Sapele Mahogany, Ash, Wenga, walnut, Teak and gorgeous Royal Mahogany. My most popular style is the Santa Cruz, this is a great talking piece, the Redwood mixed with African Sapele Mahogany, making a beautiful blend of woods. The Sapele Mahogany has a remarkable golden lighting effect that changes from all angles from inside your room, now you can bring a nice relaxing Polynesian feeling into any space. Woodensurfboards Owner, Hand shaper

~Erik Hurst "EST in 2002" Malibu, Ca. 310.924.9220