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custom wooden surfboards

Wooden Surfboards, wall art and furniture, was created by Erik Hurst back in 2003. He created his first wooden surfboard by gluing, clamping, and hand shaping layers of beautiful exotic woods together. Over the years honing in his hand-eye coordination his shaping skills came to life. By 2005 he created a new style and shape that looked like you could take it off the wall and surf it, called it the Santa Cruz (pat. pend.), named after the Santa Cruz island's off the coast in Malibu Ca, this was a high gloss 1950's vintage Malibu classic replica made with the highest quality certified reclaimed old growth Redwood, which was clear, all heart, and had natural gold flake from Northern California. This type of Redwood is extinct and not commercially available. To maintain this consistent quality, Erik specifically hunted down and found this rare exotic wood by traveling up to Northern California. He then hand selected each length of board by looking for tight grains, finding no knots, no voids, only pure clear dark Redwood. Remarkably, this rare Redwood blended perfectly with Sapele Mahogany from sustainable forests from Africa, which was also used in the Santa Cruz style board as well. By 2008 Erik was well underway with his unique style of wooden surfboard shaping and transitioned to many other different styles of wood creations, such as custom solid wood furniture for bar table tops and coffee tables. Erik's newest unique product is custom laser etching into the wood creations with company logos and personalized family logos as well.

"For me to insure the highest quality and consistency, every wooden surfboard is made with hand selected woods, hand shaped, hand sanded, 18 step clear high gloss, packed and shipped by me." ~Erik Hurst

Wooden Surfboards - Malibu, Ca. - Hand-shaped authentic vintage 1940's surfboard replicas. Reclaimed clear all heart Redwoods. Sustainable forests Sapele Mahoganys. Great for wall decor & bar tables.  FLAT RATE SHIPPING. 100% money back guarantee plus your shipping for a "no risk" full refund.

If your searching for the best - you've found it! Wooden Surfboards home decor wall-art, solid construction bar tables, coffee tables and more, send Erik your photos to help you match your decor.

Unlike my competitors, I use only the best most expensive woods. These woods have no knots, no voids, they have full body rails, classic tail blocks, and real surfboard rocker for a stand out shadow effect when on the wall. My boards are specifically designed to look like you can take them off the wall and surf. Many surfers see this specific look and buy from me as they know I use classic mid to late 1940's era templates from the late Dale Velzy. So I'm hand shaping only the highest quality woods, real shapes, and a high gloss to bring out that authentic look and feel inside your Living Room, Den, Office, Restaurant, Resort, Custom Man Cave Or Lobby. Also  Custom Showers, Custom Wood Patterns, Laser Etching, Color Laser Images, Outdoor Epoxy, Tiki Bars, Overhead Lighting Or Use Your Imagination!

Hand shaped by Erik Hurst, are high gloss vintage dark clear all heart Redwoods, reclaimed certified antique 1930's A+ clear all heart old-growth Redwoods and sustainable forests African tiger stripe Mahogany's   

*Client list 

Walt Disney Films California movie props

Food Network California bar tables

J. Crew New York wall mounts

Naked Juice California laser etched logos wall mounts

Magic Mountain water park Texas wall mounts

Skin Laundry New York, Hong Kong and London laser etched logos, wall mounts

Caldera Brewery Oregon bar tables, coffee tables

I5Design theme-based designers wall mounts

The Hotel California Santa Monica reception desk, bar table

Oshkosh Clothing Store's clothing shelfs

Client list international shipping locations Italy, France, London, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan