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My Redwoods

Behind all my raw clear heart Redwoods are documented stories that have a time and reference to whom I purchased them from, to what rare types they are, when I traveled to buy them, and the location I drove to when I collected them. Finding these rare Redwoods takes years of hard work and luck. These Redwoods are extinct and very difficult to find. It is illegal to cut down these beautiful trees on private and Federal land preserves all across Northern California. Unfortunately today people still hike deep into the forests to cut down these magnificent trees that have stood for hundreds of years.    


#1 In stock is this amazing find, these 1940's Redwoods that are used in all my "Big Sur" style wooden surfboards. Stamped and certified clear all heart Redwood, ship lap from Palo Alto Redwood mill, this mill was once home to the largest Redwood mill in the world, and was shut down mostly because the timber companies had run out of the ancient, old-growth trees. By some estimates, unfortunately, only 3 percent remain of the vast virgin forests that once cloaked the mountains and valleys of Northern California .



#2 In stock are these limited reclaimed wine-stained Redwoods found only for www.woodensurfboards.com from a amazing find from Mike at www.kdmforestproducts.com, which were found deep in Napa Valley at Monterrey County Wineries. These old 40 foot high redwood wine tanks, built back in the 1930's, had held millions upon millions of gallons of red wine for years. They held some of the finest wines in the world. These beautiful wine-stained Redwoods are very rare and these Redwoods are all tight grain clear heart and numbered in Napa Valley -"Doesn’t get any better than this stuff," says Mike, a Redwood specialist from Nor Cal. "And plus we can save some trees 🌲."  




 #3 In stock, these thick timbers were reclaimed from under a 1930's coastal home up in Santa Barbara. It is a heavy dense hard wood that is brilliantly clear all heart Redwood that is cut and used for my wooden surfboard tail blocks, this wood can be seen at the very end of the surfboard. 






 #4 In stock, Redwood reclaimed by Alan Eichstaedt is old growth clear heart Redwood from the ceiling of this 1957 home in Santa Barbara, California. Alan is a reclaim specialist located in Santa Barbara and is the owner of "TAIPAN." These woods are very rare to find and were so well preserved inside this home. It is gorgeous clear heart dark Redwood used for the two side rails of the Wooden Surfboards.